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“During Ian’s career goaltending techniques changed and so did his game. I feel confident from playing, watching and working with him that his knowledge of the game will help any style of goaltender.” 

Dwayne Roloson – Goaltending Coach Anaheim Ducks

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Coach Ian is excellent for developing goalie skills and technique because he coaches to your individual style as a goalie.He makes you work hard so you can perform better in game situations. Ian is able to work on both your strengths and weaknesses and fix them like you wouldn’t believe.

He understands the importance of the mental part of my game and has made a difference in this area. I would recommend any level of goalie work with Coach Ian if you are serious about developing as a goalie.


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Olivia has been working with Ian since 2013. After her first year, she worked hard and received a Game MVP and Goaltender of the Year since working with Ian. Olivia is now in her third year working with Ian and plays for the Washington Wild 14U Rep Team, the only American Girls 14U Rep team playing in the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association in BC. Ian has been instrumental in Olivia’s development through the seasons.

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“My Atom age son, Damon, began working with Ian approximately one year ago. Since this time we have seen him blossom as a goalie while still maintaining his unique style. He developed explosive speed and strength in all of his movements due in large part to the demanding drills and training techniques employed during Ian’s on-ice sessions.  

Damon immediately became more involved in his own development as a goalie and was excited to attend each of Ian’s training “opportunities”. They were truly “opportunities”, as Damon approached each session as though it was a treat, despite the fact that the training involved very challenging and athletic drills that tested his endurance and fortitude.  Damon has learned through his time with Ian that, with commitment, drive and great effort, you can develop your skill to higher levels and accomplish your goals.

Damon is a more confident, athletic, knowledgeable and skilled goaltender thanks in large part to Ian’s training, dedication and support. We have had a number of other goalie parents ask us where Damon trains and we are more than happy to invite any of them to join us on the ice with Ian. I highly recommend Ian Gordon Goaltending for a personal touch to goaltender training that will help any goalie, at any age and skill level, to bring their game to new heights. ”  

 –Travis Cunningham 

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